I teach people how to start and scale their short-term rental management business through BNB Business Model – from being a corporate slave working 60 hours a week for X years to making 6-figures consistently by working 2 hours a day in just 6 months! I learned how to set-up, build, automate, and reproduce my system in Short-term rental management and now it’s my mission to teach YOU!

Working a 9-5 is not for everyone.


Ten years of working as a corporate pup, I was ALWAYS tired of being stretched too thin and would feel like dying inside & out every freakin’ day, even though the pay was really lucrative. 

>>>> A six-figure income for 40 hours of weekly work -sometimes as many as 60 hours a week— for a company that doesn’t truly care about your well-being…

I used to believe a fancy title at a large company, and corporate health insurance was the true happiness of life.

Believing that I could make more money if I get promoted and work harder, but it’s been a long-standing LIE that’s keeping me from achieving true freedom. 


If you've ever been promoted before, you know what this means;

More hours, more work, More responsibility, More toxic colleagues… and let me tell you: it wasn't worth it. 

Even if I scored my first hard-earned promotion, I would have to burn the midnight oil, forget about holidays, Live to WORK, and Work to DIE for a measly 10% salary increase

No thanks. I was always cramming for work. There's. Always. Something. to. Do.

And your gal never had time to explore new hobbies, take care of herself, travel to her favorite spots, have time for meaningful relationships, or even just relax a little bit. Heck, I don’t even know if I could build my own family with this lifestyle that is completely unsustainable.

In short, my dead-end work stole over 85% of my life & freedom so felt like missing out on important things like building meaningful relationships, attending family events, working on my health or traveling without work in mind and was left stagnant in an rut. 

My Story


One day, I just asked myself “When will it all stop?” 

You know, being a slave for another day, and repeating it for the rest of my life is something I don't want to be doing.  

It seemed like there was no way out... but I persevered, and look for other things…

Until one day, the universe just conceived and  something clicked. 

Maybe there was another way for me to make the same amount or MORE without working full-time and burning out?


Yes, You’re right. It’s no other than starting a business that would pay consistent money like clockwork!

It wasn't one where I'd be stuck at a desk all day, or feel like my life wasn't my own.


Its a…

A career where you're constantly learning and growing. 

A career where you feel like your work is making a difference in the world.

A career that allows you to travel or work stay home with your family. 

A career where you have flexible hours working from your home, or any location and can set your own schedule.


But how could anyone afford to do that?

What about safety? The six-figure paycheck? Security? Healthcare?

Just like many employees, the thought of letting go of my job is SCARY.

I even felt crazy for even considering this. 


What did I do?

I started looking into how other people were making money part time ONLINE with as little or ZERO initial cost.

The problem was…

I am NOT passionate about anything that can make me money so what business can I possibly start? 

Probably because our society has taught us that corporate America is the safe, secure path and that starting your own business is only for people with a lot of money and time to spare.

My Challenges


Its the Airbnb Short Term Rental Management that I discovered in a podcast episode while sitting on an extremely crowded city bus on my way to my fortune 500 job in March 2020.

I found this amazing woman who herself is a  Short term rental manager and made 6 figures doing it without signing a lease or buying property of her own! 

It sounded exciting: you can make tons of cash managing a house or a property, & from the total monthly rental income, you receive a 15-25% commission

Not gonna lie, that sounded too good to be true—but there it was: a way for me to get into real estate without having to take on a big commitment or risk losing money if things didn't work out.

THIS.IS.IT Babe such an incredible opportunity—but there were two problems:

How could I afford to do that? (Because let's be real, we all know that leaving your job to start a business isn't exactly cheap).

Who would mentor me through this new thing? (Because let's be real again, no one wants to go through this alone).


Plus other thoughts like…

...I lack experience, will this work for me?

...I’m working full-time, how much time do I need to make this work?

...I 'm scared of the risk, how much will I make in a month? 

Perhaps, you worry that it would take FOREVER to replace your income at your current job.

I’ve been there too. The decision had been weighing on me for so long that it was starting to feel like a burden instead of an opportunity. My INDECISION STOPPED me from achieving my dreams a little more early. 

And then, out of nowhere, this little voice in my head said "If you don't do it now, you never will."

What’s EVEN more scarier?

Selling my soul to corporate America for the rest of my life, just to retire at 65 with the funds in my $401k, was more terrifying than trying something different and investing in myself. 

Life is too short to be living for someone else’s dream. 

My Journey


So I faced my fears and took the leap. And it completely changed my life!

That said, I pleaded with the woman in the podcast as my mentor— asking her for 30 minutes of her time each week for 6 weeks… for $2,500!  

(Wow, that was a big hit to my savings at that time!)

Thankfully, she said yes and agreed to mentor me as long as I paid her for her time, then started my Airbnb business, and building it up WHILE working 60+hours/week.

I know what you're thinking: "Great! But how do you actually do it?"


Well, I'll tell you. What I did was pretty simple– all in less or more than 10 hours a week

  • Learn hosting through co-hosting
  • Clean the place but it’s not you who’s gonna do that, it’s your new hire
  • Take care of maintenance issues if they arise during guests' stays, 
  • Manage the listing to attract more customers so your space is always ready for the next guests.


How does the payment work? It's simple. 

For every revenue on my client's guests, I get 20% of the total revenue amount. So let's say my client gets a $3,500 check from Airbnb and I take 20% of that. That means I just got paid $700 for doing just management.

Since I'm taking care of all the pieces   communicating with guests (during my free time at work) and making sure everything runs smoothly, there's absolutely nothing for my clients to worry about. Except to provide the furnishing budget and any maintenance thing that comes up.

Funny how I thought about starting my Airbnb biz when the whole world shut down but it was actually a blessing in disguise.



When I was just 29, I built a 6-figure Management business in 12 months flat and resigned from my 6-figure corporate j-o-b in June of 2021, exactly 1 year since I signed my first partnership contract with a homeowner.

My Breakthrough


From a life of " never ending work " to one of freedom and fulfillment.

Now I'm making figures off of Short-term rental management alone—and it's all because of that one decision I made back then: asking for help when I needed it most and investing in myself!

When I started managing a property on Airbnb, I thought it was going to be a lot of headaches.

I mean, how could I possibly manage an airbnb?

How could I be available anytime? 

Do I have to go to different properties all the time? 

Be responsible for the properties? 

And pay for everything — utilities, furnishes, etc.? —(Breaking news: You don’t need to!)

But then I realized: I’m wrong. 

If you're willing to think and works smart on these challenges, there's a profit waiting at the end of it.

You see, I used to work in corporate America—and my body & mind hated it. I was miserable. Started from scratch with no money, no experience, and no connections. 

And now here I am—making a 6-figure income without having any formal education or training that even a highschooler would make it happen!

Right at this moment, I still can't believe that I get to do these every day:

Get to spend time with my family, be home for holidays and on the weekends, work from home, make a healthy self-made income, and be an entrepreneur with little to no startup funds.

I say “This is the life that everyone deserves—and you can have it too!”

You can build a new business while working on the side. It's not an easy process, but it's worth it—and we're here to help you every step of the way. 

The choice is yours.

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